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Personality Development

ClearFocus resources learn to work as teams, communicate well within themselves and to their customers, improve their spoken and written language skills and make beautiful documentation – all of this is needed in the real world.  This is made possible ONLY because of the unique corporate like environment.

Our programs include opportunities to present to an audience, participate in debates and group discussions and fine tune spoken skills.

We have our fair share of fun and celebrate festivals and social events, there by giving a wide exposure to our students to groom their personality.

Clearfocus students are expected to come to office in Formal attire, follow timings and rules just like they would do in a company.

Software Engineering

No training can be complete without a proper exposure to industry standard software development and the tools needed to accomplish them.

At ClearFocus we take pride in coaching our students in the latest trends and methods of software development :

  • Coding standards
  • Peer Reviews
  • Source Code Control (GIT, Bitbucket )
  • Software Process (Agile )
  • Software Testing ( Selinium, Jira )


This sets up the base for students to work on customer projects not only at our affiliate companies but also in the industry in general.

ClearFocus students get an advantage of being mentored by leaders who have spent 27+ years in industry as Delivery Heads, so they know what exactly is needed for such jobs.