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Gone are the days when industry designated software professionals like Developer, Tester, Build or Manager. Today everyone is expected to play any role and switch between technologies effortlessly.  They are expected to be multi-skilled so that there is maximum utilization of the resource in the company.

At ClearFocus we ensure that our students get a sample of almost all the technologies that are needed for today’s applications – it is NOT necessary to master or learn all of it, but it is enough to get the basics right by practicing properly.  Theory alone is not sufficient.


Full stack development is the name given to developers being able to code, test and deploy application components across the layers :

  • User Interface ( mobile and web )
  • Cloud / Web Services
  • Application Server ( Business Layer )
  • Application Data ( Data access layer )
  • Database
  • Environment ( deployment )
  • Bug fix and Enhancements ( Support )

We ensure to rotate our resources across such project opportunities to get maximum exposure.